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I probably spend too much time online. I’ve accidentally started a meme. I’ve worked with brands on making organic comedic content. I’ve created various viral social series with dedicated fanbases. I stirred up controversy over a hidden iPhone feature. I’ve even gotten the radio friendly band HOOBASTANK to comment on a video I made about them. During the height of the pandemic, I finally caved and signed up for TikTok where my videos have been viewed tens of millions of times. Since I’ve begun, I’ve collaborated with other influencers and amassed over 4 millions likes on my videos in the process - and this is only the beginning! 
Screenings and Awards:
Thrillist (Vox Media) TikTok Page

Role: Senior Creative

Details: From 2021-2022, I worked with the social media team to write, produce, and edit various TikToks for their page. In total, the videos I made surpassed many millions of views and helped amass over 60,000 followers in less than a year. Highlights include sponsorship deals with KFC, Popeyes, and Wendy's.


Comedy Micro Short, c. 2020

Role: Writer, Producer, Editor

Juried Screenings:

1st Annual Short Shot Festival, July 2021

Moscow, Russia

Finalist: Best Extreme Short

5th Annual Cardona Micro-Movie Film Festival June 2021

United Kingdom

Finalist: Best Extreme Short

11th Annual Short to the Point Festival, June 2021

Bucharest, Romania

Finalist: Best Mini Short

2nd Annual Berlin Flash Film Festival, June 2021

Berlin, Germany

Finalist: Best Micro Short Comedy

2nd Annual 60 Second Short Film Fest, April 2021

Richmond, VA

1st Annual Great Indian Film Festival, March 2021


5th Annual KAPOW Intergalactic Film Festival, February 2021

Hollywood, CA

2nd Annual Lit Laughs Festival, December 2020

Harrogate, England

Winner: Best Tik Tok

2nd Annual Minute Madness, December 2020

Toronto, Canada

8th Annual One Minute Short Film Festival, December 2020

Teaneck, New Jersey

4th Annual Avalonia Film Festival, November 2020

Ormond Beach, Florida

Winner: Best One Minute Movie Monologue

2nd Annual Vertical Movie Festival, October 2020

Roma, Italy

2nd Annual All the Laughs Film Festival, October 2020

Atlanta, Georgia

Winner: Best Quick Clip

9th Annual 100 Films in 100 Minutes, October 2020

Atlanta, Georgia

9th Annual Portland Film Festival, October 2020

Portland, Oregon

Other Screenings:

Optimistic Films Screening, Moscow Russia. October, 2020

Winner: People's Choice Award